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Healthcare Campaign for children from shelters


"With only 10 euros garantiràs decent health care for a child for a year in Nepal"

With your contribution we can give health care to children from reception centers receive the support of Friends of Nepal, performing medical examinations for the detection, diagnosis, treatment and resolution when all kinds of diseases and conditions, and the creation of a database related to the health of each of them to be updated every year.

Also implement primary prevention activities such as workshops on hygiene, dental hygiene, mosquito-borne diseases, yoga, tai chi, posture, basic CPR workshops for adults and children.



Amics del Nepal Newsletter

You can know the latest projects of Amics del Nepal through this electronic bulletin.
Also you can consult all the news published in the former numbers. Subscribe yourself to it.

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Women Literacy Program Retaken


In 2015, after two years of being unable to make it due to lack of financial resources, we could resume the women's literacy program.

This year 50 women in the Kathmandu valley and 50 women have been able to study the program Mahendranagar, obtaining the certificate of training in reading and writing.


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Casa Manjoj Bhimphedi

Chronicle of emergency reconstruction


This is the chronicle of the work Friends of Nepal is making the organization the basis for the reconstruction of houses affected population Bhimphedi.

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Earthquake victims aid


Currently is under way the reconstruction project in the area of Bhimphedi we do with the organization Base A and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

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20 years working for Nepal


Namaste Magazine 20th Anniversary Special. You will find all the activities carried out through the regular programs. It is also a testimony of recognition and gratitude to the tireless work of many people over the years have supported the organization.

Report 2015

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