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Purvanchal Anath Ashram - Biratnagar

Biratnagar (बिराटनगर), Nepal's second largest city (municipality), is known for producing more political leaders in Nepal than any other part of the country. It equally is known for being the industry power-house of the counry. Biratnagar is located in Koshi Zone on the southern Terai belt of Nepal, near the south-eastern border with India. The population of the municipality according to the 2001 census was 166,674. Biratnagar is located at 26°28'60"N 87°16'60"E.[1] It is the administrative centre of Morang district.

Fortunate to boast immense fertile areas of land, Biratnagar is also reputed for being an agro- and commerce hub. Being located at Nepal's southern border, the city actually abuts and Indian town, called Jogbani, where many locals go for shopping, or cross through to travel some other parts of India.

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