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Amics del Nepal as a NGO, carries out projects of cooperation that some of the more disfavored sectors of the population have as beneficiaries, how they are the children and the women.

The projects are developing both in rural and urban areas, in order to improve the educational and economical conditions of the addresseed population.


  • Community building

    Urban projects

    The neighborhood of maijubahal/Kumarigal, placed in a periurban zone of Kathmandu, accommodates arrival in good part of recent population in the capital.

    Many of their families suffer severe difficulties of housing and also economical, with very precarious employment.

    The projects that Amics del Nepal develops they focus in the fields of health, with the Center of Health of Primary Attention started on 2007, the program of women literacy and the program of support to the education of children.

  • Microcredit

    Rural Projects

    The projects in the rural area of Amics del Nepal develop mainly in Bhimphedi, a village placed at some 60 km. to the south of Katmandú, in a little developed rural area.

    The set of the population of the town is of of near 10.000 inhabitants, the great majority of whom lives in areas of difficult access, dat of mountains, where only it goes there on foot or on horseback.

    The population lives on a very little developed agriculture. The goal of the project is to give new supports to the economy through microcredits for the purchase of livestock, mainly buffalos, and also in the distribution of saplings of fruit trees.


  • Biratnagar

    Amics Nepal Girona

  • earthquake

    Emergency earthquake

    The earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, but in particular, has affected particularly the most disadvantaged people. The emergency actions by organizations immediate action have not been expected.

    This is the chronicle of the country is experiencing now.

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